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Monday, December 17, 2007

The cough is easing off!

To Morven, and anyone else who's interested.... the morphine is definitely helping. I've been taking 10 mg. twice a day for the last week, and the coughing has eased during the day and evening. It's such a huge relief, though I'm not convinced that it's actually curing it. I still cough a lot in the morning so it feels like it's still lurking. But maybe I just need to allow time for my system to settle back to normal?
Something else that's also helping is that I've cut down my alcohol consumption quite a lot. That's partly to do with not wanting to mix drugs and alcohol too much, but I have also found that the less alcohol I have, the better chance I have of a good night's sleep.
Anyway, life's definitely taken a turn for the better, and I'm about to go and spend Christmas and New Year in Thailand so that will be another boost for my physical and mental well being!
Merry Christmas to all who've shared in my blog.
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