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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

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It's nice that every now and then someone new finds my blog and leaves a comment - Lavinia is the latest to attach something to the entry that follows this (see Update: April 24). But still, no-one's coming up with a definitive cure that will put us coughers out of our collective misery...
I've recently been to my specialist cough clinic in Manchester and, though they're very welcoming, there was nothing much new to offer.  I'm waiting for a referral to a speech therapist (interesting to see Lavinia's comments), and there's also talk of me trying a nebuliser - again - so my specialists are coming up with similar ideas to hers.

I had a call from the professor who leads my cough clinic the other day, asking me to take part in the trial of a new treatment that he thought was promising. But unfortunately because of my smoking history (in their jargon I totted up 20 pack years, though I stopped 20 years ago!) I'm not eligible to take part, so I have a long wait to see if this one is successful - then it might become available.

Meantime, and in desperation, I'm currently seeing an expert in hypnotherapy and EFT. I'm not optimistic but will try anything .... and will keep you informed.
Best wishes to everyone out there. And feel free to read through more of the genuine, promising, and crackpot ideas scattered through the rest of the blog.


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