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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Three months on the morphine!

And my cough is quite a lot less troublesome. I'm sleeping better so I don't wake in the early hours and start coughing. I still do cough once I'm fully awake, but it doesn't last for too long. Then through the day it's variable and unpredictable. I'm still chewing a lot. In the evening it's not too bad, but then can be a problem when I try to get to sleep.
Overall though, I'm still glad to be taking the morphine and I'm following the advice to be on it for six months.
I was interviewed by Fi Glover on Radio 4's Saturday Live programme - it's not been transmitted yet but I anticipate a few more remedy suggestions when it does, and I'll pass them on.
Keep the coughing down, and your spirits up!!!!
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