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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

From Dave L.

I have been having treatment and investigations for a number of years now regarding my persistent cough. 

At long last the specialist sent me for am MRI scan, and low and behold they found "sub pleural fibrosis" and promptly put me on a hefty course of steroids, starting with 50 mgs of Prednisolone for 10 days then gradually reducing the dose, I am now on 2 mgs per day with a Qvar inhaler taken twice a day with a view to soon dropping the Prednisolone altogether, but to continue using the inhaler permanently. 

I have not coughed since starting the treatment some months ago, the relief is immeasurable.


Anonymous said...

Hi, i will like to give you a suggestion. Though you are on a drug and it helps you, but if in future it comes back again, you can try chinese medicine. You may need a chinese friend to help you get a trusted chinese physician. I had frequent cough too and i took all sort of cough mixture but they don't help. Only chinese medicine can cure my cough. And if you try taking chinese medicine for long i.e. half a year, it can be quite costly but it can rid off the illness for the rest of your life.

Anonymous said...

So what has happened since May? Still on Morphine and still coughing. I've only had a cough for 18 months but I'm desperate to find a cure. Is it morphine?



NickP said...

I'm still on the morphine, but still coughing though it has reduced a bit. The main benefit of the morphine is that it helps me sleep at night. I don't wake up in the middle of the night - and start coughing - anywhere near as often so overall my health is better than it was. My specialist is o.k. about me staying on the m. for a while longer - but there is a nagging worry about addiction.

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