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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jeanette H writes....

Hi Nick,
I wanted to share my story with you since I have been free for a month now from my chronic and constant cough after more than 20 years. Free from cough meaning exactly that - no coughing other than what other people experience. No headache, no sore ribs or stomach muscles, no sore or raw throat, sleeping at night. My family and colleagues are stunned, and it's so quiet!
My diagnosis after all these years was Hyper Sensitive Mucous Membranes, and the cure was to double the dose of stomach acid medicine and add on Seretide, a combination inhaler containing Flixotide and Serevent. The first two weeks I inhaled a double dosis, and now, after two months, I canät believe this is true.
Not sure if you have already tried this, but maybe worth a try?


NickP said...

Jeanette, I'd be very interested to know more about your symptoms because your diagnosis and treatment sound as though they could be appropriate to me. As well as coughing, I've always had a problem with a runny nose, sniffing and sneezing - I would say my membranes too seem to be very sensitive, but steroid inhalers I've tried in the past have never done much for me.
So if you can contact me again I'd be grateful.

One of the frustrating things about Blogger is that when someone posts you can't respond to them directly, or at least I've not been able to figure out how. If anyone can advise, please let me know.

Thanks very much for your posting.


LuciLu said...

Hi Nick - Sad as it sounds, I thought I would google 'acute cough cure' and came across your blog. I totally feel for you (and everyone else) who experiences this condition. However, I am delighted to say that I have been sympton free for over a year now. Like many sufferers I have had allergy testing, asthma inhalers, hyper sensitivity nasal drops, steroids, nutritional advice, breathing exercises, reflexology, reflux medication, every make of cough remedy there is and the list goes on. In sheer desperation I returned to my doctor almost 2 years ago. I was having coughing fits at work which caused problems during meetings and calls, I sometimes coughed so hard that I could make myself sick, I had 'sweeps' of clear mucus (disgusting I know), would quite often wet myself and sex life - well forget it - because the cough got in the way. Let me put it this way - if I had a career in TV or theatre then my career would be finished. My doctor was understanding and I was fortunate that I had private medical cover. She referred me to an ENT consultant who was brilliant. He told me from day one that he could help. He was right. After some basic tests to ensure that my cough was not caused by a medical reason, he told me that he had a friend who had a similar condition. He felt he ought to be able to help her so started to gather research. He found that chronic cough had been treated using a drug and he prescribed it to his friend with excellent results. He has precribed to other patients with good results and he decided to prescribe me the same medication - Gabapentin (normally used for mild epileptics or people suffering from back pain). Sounds drastic but it works! I have been cough 'controlled' for over a year now as long as I remember to take my tablets. I cannot tell you what a difference it has made to my life. I don't like the idea of being on tablets and hope that one day the reflex to cough will subside and I can return to be cough less.....

Love and hopes said...

Hi nick, i m not a chronic coughgirl, but i m just wondering, there are some safe and simple chinese remedy good for unknown reason coughing, it is said that all of them are associated with the internal organ , maybe too "cold" or too "weak"...associated with Lung and the liver.(sounds weird i know)

i m actually a dentist not an oriental medicine practitioner, but all i can share with you, how do i get rid of my 2 months cough in 2008 , and in 2010 now....

first, i talk less, try not to talk cus when you talk, you provoke the irritaion feeling back on the throat

second, when you started to feel like to cough, drink some warm water, never touch anything cold, or coca-cola, it's definitely gonna make it worse. Unfortunately, if you cough, try to sneeze at the same time and see if there is any mucous in your nose/ sinus...squueze them out from the nose, do not suck them down to the throat cus these mucous or serous secreation will provoke the cough!

third, drink some herbal tea, it's not just the green tea at the supermarket, try grasp :黃耆 , just put couple of them into the hot water, soak them for 15 minutes, drink them little by little ...it helps to strenthen your lung and liver.

avoid eating anything sweet,fruit, cold drinks or ice-cream, fried food like fun-fries and fried chicken, spicy, green/black tea, coffee , they only make it worse unnoticeably.

eat anything warm,porridge from white rice with couple of vegetable and pork will be just perfect, drink some warm soup, like pork rib with potato and onion and corn , drink them while they are warm.

you should not eat lamb and beef and seafood too...i know it's gonna be hard cus you won't have much options if you constantly eat these things, cus they are considered either too irritational or too strong for you now. you need anything mild, and warm , just like a baby.

also, some regular vege and meat should be avoid too: of course wine and other alcoholic beverages should keep out of reach, peanuts, oilly food, bamboo, carrots , chilli, eggplants, chicken, egg!

see, there are a lot of things that you can't eat!it's for your own good, and my experience....things that we think are tiny little unrelated can be a very crucial point to reach the success of totally say goodbye to the cough ! Good luck!

s said...

I have also had a debilitating cough for several years. It starts with a tickle and within seconds develops into a coughing fit making me gag and vomit on many occasions My head feels it will one day burst or that the severe coughing fits will cause a stroke. My stomach
hurts and eating will bring on a coughing fit also talking, walking and exercise is totally out and eating out or simply going out with a friend to the pub is impossible. people have said I should not go out passing on germs. I have got so fed up relaying the same explanation to people over and over again saying to them that I have had all the tests etc, but nothing has been found etc. etc. I am now reclusive and depressed.

Anonymous said...

Nick, have you tried Jeanette's remedy yet? I see her blog was posted in March last year and I can't believe I havn't checked out Cough Up since then! I've been using Symbicort Turboinhaler for a while now but can't say it's done much at all. Last time we 'spoke' you said I should try the morphine route but my doctor just wasn't happy about it and tried me on codine linctus - no good, as usual! If Jeanette's method has worked for you I would love to know as I have been told I must have a 'very sensitive throat' by an ENT consultant ( he didn't manage to come up with anything useful though).
Look forward to hearing from you.

Jennie W.

Danielle Ross said...

Dear Nick, I live with similar problem. Have you look about "aspergillose broncho-pulmonaire allergique"
(I don't know the English translation). Also read the book: Dr. Cass Ingram - the Respiratory Solution, he often uses wild oregano oil and spices oil.

I have that problem since long and try different things and had remission for many months (the longer one more than 2 years). But what help me once, don't help anymore when it comes back. I give you my e-mail adresse, if you are interested i can write you all my research on the subject (different than yourself) What had succeed once with me can be the solution for you. It is a long story but I am ready to write it for you if you ask me.

Stephen said...

Cough pharmacotherapy: current and future status
Authors: Gibson, Peter G; Ryan, Nicole M

Source: Expert Opinion on Pharmacotherapy, Volume 12, Number 11, August 2011 , pp. 1745-1755(11)


Introduction: Chronic cough is responsible for a significant illness burden in the community. Refractory cough causes substantial quality-of-life impairment in people with this problem. Neuromodulators for sensory neuropathic cough and new compounds to block transient receptor potential (TRP) receptors hold promise for chronic cough and upper airway hypersensitivity.

Areas covered: The authors examine current evidence on the new concepts of chronic cough that relate to the study of idiopathic/refractory cough, the role of central nervous system control of cough and the role of laryngeal irritability and sensory neuropathy in cough. Compounds in development to block TRP receptors, treatment for a neuropathic disorder with neuromodulators and cough suppression with opioids, especially codeine and morphine, are investigated. Relevant randomized control trials and case reports were identified through a PubMed search of English-language literature referring to these concepts.

Expert opinion: The concept that sensory neuropathic disorder may underlie some cases of chronic cough is useful in characterizing cough, understanding its mechanisms and guiding drug development.
Keywords: capsaicin; cough; gabapentin; sensory neuropathy

Document Type: Research article

DOI: 10.1517/14656566.2011.576249

Affiliations: 1: 1 University of Newcastle, School of Medicine and Public Health, Centre for Asthma and Respiratory Diseases, Newcastle, NSW 2308, Australia

Publication date: 2011-08-01

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