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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Back to business ... lots more comments posted

Hello Everyone ... Followers .... does anyone FOLLOW this?

Anyway, today I've posted lots of comments that have arrived in my Inbox over the past year or so - apologies to everyone who's been waiting to see their words online. There've been several good ideas passed on - please feel free to have a trawl through.

For my part, I suppose I'm celebrating (ha!) having had my cough now for 20 years!!!!!

But it's not getting any better.  I've tried various drug therapies (incl. antibiotics)  in the last year or two, a no-wheat diet (again) but just nothing works.  I did get some comfort from an article posted on an American medical website Cough article which basically says in the vast majority of cases the cough is actually nothing serious and not life-threatening. That is a very interesting article, but uses lots of big, technical words and terms that zoomed right over my head.

So, allegedly, it's not going to kill me, but as far as I'm concerned it's still BLOODY INCONVENIENT! And debilitating, and depressing, and embarrassing, etc etc etc. At the end of this month I've asked for a referral back to the Specialist Cough Clinic at Wythenshawe Hospital.  Not been there for three years so let's see if those nice boffins there have come up with anything new.


Kate said...

Morning Nick!

Yes, I follow this!

I have, like yourself, been through the mill of various lotions and potions for trying to resolve a cough that I have suffered with for 10 years.

Please keep us updated as to your visit with Wythenshawe. I booked an appointment for there back in Aug/Sept... my consultation date is not until May 2015!

Strange comfort in it not only being me that suffers with this...

Good luck!

NickP said...

Hi Kate,
Yes it is some sort of comfort to know you're not alone. It can be frustrating when you tell people and they say "Well I've never noticed you cough...." and you want to say: "Ok well come and spend the night with me and see me at 3am, or 4, or 5, coughing, spluttering, wheezing, sneezing, tired, aching, miserable.... and you'll see what it's bloody like!"
But you don't do you, you just brush it off ... and smile :)
Will keep you posted...

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick. I follow you as I have had cough for almost thirty years!! I was wondering if you've ever been told the pressure at the back of your eyes is raised. I'm convinced it's caused by the pressure excerted on your eyes while coughing, specially when this has been going on for long.

NickP said...

No I haven't been told that about my eyes, and I'm not aware of a problem there. I have been told that, in a rather bizarre twist, my lungs might be quite "toned" because of all the exercise they get. And I think my stomach muscles are probably toned for the same reason, though I wouldn't claim to have a six-pack! Hey, got to keep having a laugh ....

Deepak Lodha said...

Sir I just wanted to tell you that..my mother is going through the same thing..her cough has no end and it is since last 18 years..please let me know if you find some remedy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick,

How did your appointment go at Wythenshawe? Anything new brought to light?


JoAnn said...

I too have been coughing for over 15 years. Started with coughs at strong smells. Progressed to today, cold air, air conditioning, cold drinks, after eating, etc. I have had allergy tests, all negative, bronchine challenge testing ( could not continue with the bronchine because I wouldn't be able to breathe), I currently have a rescue inhaler, which I haven't used yet. I seldom cough at night, but in the morning when I brush my teeth I cough up lots of phlegm. During the day, I cough a lot and often. Cough drops help me, but aren't always available. At night I cough again when I brush my teeth. I had hoped a scope of my lungs would give some answers. I see the pulmonologist next month. I'm so frustrated. I can't take a deep breath without coughing. Breathing in will Lao produce a cough. Sometimes I feel like I always have particles of food in my throat. I tried antihistamines, still coughed. I tried omeprazole to no avail. I'm beginning to think I am slowly dying. This isn't fun.

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