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Monday, November 12, 2007

Latest news from NickP:

I promised to report back a few weeks ago ..... nothing's working yet I'm afraid. The Bowen therapy was an interesting experience - very relaxing, and did produce a sort of result. For about five months I had had a pain in my side, between my ribs, which I and the doctors put down to the repeated coughing - pulled a muscle or ligament, maybe even cracked a rib, and the continued coughing wouldn't allow it to heal. Anyway on the day I went for my first referral it was particularly painful. I told the therapist, Alastair, about it and he said he'd try to help. Well I'm not sure what he did with his soft tissue manipulation, but by the end of the session it had gone, and hasn't returned.
But the cough shows no real signs of abating. I tried stopping drinking alcohol during the week, which helped me to sleep better but didn't affect the cough. I stopped chewing gum for a while too and drank lots of water - no difference. I've just finished a two-week course of marshmallow tablets, suggested by a couple of my blog correspondents - all to no avail. And now I've started on a course of homeopathic tablets prescribed by a lecturer at work ... we'll see.


Anonymous said...

Hi. It is great to be able to read about other people who have a cough like me. Since you wrote about things which have helped you and mentioned Airwaves Chewing Gum I have started chewing gum as well. I hate gum but it definitely helps. Especially when you feel that old familiar tickle in the throat. Has anyone else tried this and why I wonder do this work?

Peggy said...

Im posting this on your blog Nick because I think I am your nearest geographical cougher - in the neighbouring town of Leigh.
I also have had the 'incurable' cough for almost 14 years and have been visiting Wythenshawe hospital for the last 18 months. I have had all the 'oscopies' and other tests done, without success. However, last November, Doctor Decalma gave me Baclofen tablets to try. I have to say there has been an improvement, but not a cure, I would say my coughing has been reduced by half. I am taking 10mg 3 times a day which is the highest dose for me. Baclofen is a muscle relaxant, maybe you have tried it?
My only other relief is drinking water and chewing gum. I think I was the original discoverer of spearmint, but like you, I get tired of chewing it. As always, hoping to find a cure. Peggy from Leigh.

NickP said...

I have tried Baclofen Peggy - it's so long ago I can't remember why, but I don't think it did anything for me. I would say my coughing is down to less than half with the morphine sulphate that I've been prescribed. But I'm still not convinced that's getting to the root cause of it, whatever that may be.
We must listen out for each other, coughing in the next door aisle in Sainsbury's!

Judith from Wirral said...

I too have had a chronic cough for over 15 years and had all the tests and tried all the medications to no avail. Despite being 67 yrs old I always have some chewing gum in my pocket for the first sign of a cough. Sparling water helps to calm my coughing but anything sweet make it ten times worse. I really must stop eating Chocolate!!!!
Some years ago I was offered methadone by my Doctor but as a Metodist local preacher I declined. However hearing about your trial with morphine perhaps I should have accepted.
Perhaps we chronic coughers should start a mutual support group as unless you suffer in this way it is impossible to understand how exhausting it can be. I often end up in tears after a bad fit of coughing.
Judith from Wirral

Anonymous said...

Is there something about coughs specific to the North West? I live near Warrington. I've only had my cough for a couple of years but it has been miserable at times by causing me to vomit and giving me a pulled muscle/cracked rib which felt like it took months to heal.
It's always a tickle on the right hand side of my throat which makes my right eye water and my right nostril block whilst my left side stays okay.
It seems triggered by dust, air conditioning, sweet things (that's a struggle as I've got a really sweet tooth!) and once I've started coughing, talking makes it worse.
I've found Hall's Soothers help loads but none of the other lozenge brands did much. I have worked in laboratories where food is banned and contamination caused by coughing is a real issue. I've changed job once but many people don't understand that a cough can cause so many problems.

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