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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Marc, UK

Hi, have you tried chiropractic? I used to have cough for 4 months (dry, irrative cough) and I visited chiropractor who found tight joints from my back - after 1st treatment the cough was gone ;)

NP writes: I've had a similar suggestion from an osteopath, so I may investigate this one further.


Morven Gray said...

Hi Nicholas
Like you I have had a cough for 10 years and tried all the various remedies - including being in a decompression chamber for an hour a day for two consecutive days - travelling to Fiji to have my hair pulled at the crown - nothing worked but shows how desperate I was.
I am located in New Zealand and was given a Professors name in London to contact. We visited him while we were over in the UK and one of his suggestions was morphine
At first I declined but on the next visit after my husband had reminded me of the various things I had tried I decided it would be worth trying. Well that was on 12th September the day your article appeared in the Newspaper and I am now into my 11th week of NO COUGH.
I cannot believe how it has worked and I am only taking a small amount. At first I was taking 10ng in the morning and 20 at night then I reduced to 10 morning and night and now only 10 at night. It has worked like a charm.
I have an appointment with the respiratory specialist in New Zealand on 19th December and I cannot wait to let him know as he admitted he had run out of any further suggestions for a cough.
Please give it a go and I would be so very interested to see how you go with it. Everyday I count my blessings as the longest free period I have ever had has been 3 to 4 weeks following a course of Prednisone.
Cheers - Morven Gray (New Zealand)

NickP said...

In fact Morven, I've just started to take morphine myself. Though my specialists in Manchester were a little reluctant to do it, I pressed them because I'm getting so fed up of the way the cough is affecting every aspect of my life. I'm on 5mg morning and night, since last Saturday. So far I don't think there's been any effect, but I'm hoping, and I'll keep the blog updated.
Thanks very much for your mail. I bet Fiji was nice once the pain had subsided!!

Greta said...

Try eating a tablespoon of honey before bed. My husband's been coughing up a storm and on the 2nd night of honey-eating--no coughing! He says it's gross to eat straight honey but worth it not to cough.

Morven Gray said...

Hi Nick
Just wondering how you are going on
the morphine. When I started on it
the results were within two days.
I am still not coughing and none of my friends can believe it - they all know the things that I have tried over the years - even the Chinese medicine - boiling up the "leaves of the forest floor" as my husband called it then straining it and drinking it - just foul but hey I would have tried anything that anyone suggested. The specialist I am going to see in December laughed his head off when I told him I had been to Fiji to have my hair pulled then added "don't know why I am laughing - with all our modern technology we haven't been able to help you at all" so I am really looking forward to telling him my good news.
I do hope the morphine helps you as I feel that suddenly I have got my life back after 10 years - can go to a restaurant and enjoy a meal without people thinking I am choking on my food -only downside my husband says he never knows where to find me now in the supermarket - before he only had to listen!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a wonderful Christmas to you and your family.
Morven Gray (New Zealand)

NickP said...

Hi Morven,

I've posted a reply in the main part of the blog....


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