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Monday, October 22, 2007

Fiona, Exeter, Devon

It was incredible to read about someone else who suffers from persistent coughing! I never stop coughing and have done so for about 11 years now. Mine starts with a watery feeling in my windpipe which I have to cough to clear. Whenever I start one of my frequent coughing fits, people sympathetically say "oh thats a bad cough" or "would you like a glass of water" but I just have to reply that I cough all the time! Like Nicholas Peake, I have had all sorts of tests and remedies, from Asthma inhalers, to sinus sprays, acide reflux treatments, and the full blown bronchoscopy. My lungs and rib cage hurt from so much coughing. When I am supermarket shopping my kids always know how to find me just by listening out for my usual coughing! I would love to find a cure for it, because the thought of growing really old and still to be coughing all the time is an awful thought!


Dympna.Essex said...

I smiled when I read Fiona from Exeters comments about the children being able to find her in a supermarket. This is a long running joke in our family. I have had my cough for 10 - 11 years and have even had the gastric reflux surgery (Fundoplication) all to no avail. I am recently retrying the Codeine Phosphate 30mgs. up to four times a day. This is helping a bit but makes you tired and constipated. Which is worse?

Nik said...

I've had a cough since around 1993 just after I moved to Oxford and blame it on polution from the railway - it just never went away (cough or railway). I find that an asthma inhaler taken regularly does help a bit. It is always made worse by anxiety, though, like at the start of meetings, so then I take small drinks of water. The worst thing is that I know it's so annoying for people I work with and also that when I have a cold it's pretty uncontrolable so I have to cancel theatre/concert/film tickets.

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