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Monday, October 22, 2007

Steve, Whitstable, Kent

I've had the same type of cough as Mr Peake for 33 years, now well under control, but it can return quickly if I lapse from my routine. What Mr Peake should try is...

1) Give up chewing gum or anything with a menthol/peppermint type flavour/smell. It gives short term relief, but is an extreme irritant to the bronchial tubes and makes coughing much much worse some time after chewing with a 'rebound' effect. This has a major effect on me, chewing gum for a couple of hours in the day will bring back all my symptoms every time by 6pm, and yet chewing more gum will give instant relief as well. Much much better to give it up.
2) Steam inhalation can help, it may make it worse at first but persevere, it's doing good. Don't add menthol or anything (irritant).
3) Fasting on water for a day or so will likely help, the coughing will be worse during the fast but will suddenly stop and the effect will last several days.

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