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Monday, October 22, 2007

Pam in Beckenham, Kent

I read your article in the Mail. It was like reading about myself. I have been coughing for about 25 years and it is getting worse. Sometimes I feel like I am straining my heart. I have tried acupuncture, hypnotherapy, mouth patches and controlled breathing (that helps if I can stop coughing long enough) reflexology, asthma pumps, reflux medication, cough medicine, homeopathy. All to no avail. I often vomit or retch and as a lecturer (like you) it doesn't look good! I can't offer a remedy but I know that the medical profession dismiss my symptoms as unimportant. One consultant told me I had to live with it - what does he think I do every day of my life! Dosing up with antihistamine, Dimotane Co and Becatide nasal spray all at the same time did help the cough but left me feeling so ill that I decided the cough was better.

Good luck with your search for a cure - let me know if you find one. Best wishes.

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