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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Annie, UK

I have worked fairly extensively with homeopathy and herbalism over the past 20 years and use many of the plants which grow naturally here, as well as ordering from a good herbal suppliers when necessary. I have treated family (I have 5 children, now in their teens and twenties) and friends and my horses (I have 10 here at present), cats and dogs.

Whilst there many reasons for persistent coughing, and assuming that a full medical check has been carried out,there a several simple herbal remedies that Mr Peake could try. A tea made of plantain (the weed which grows on lawns and wild all over the countryside) and thyme is especially beneficial. I usually add honey and lemon or lime to taste. I am sure that Mr Peake has kept a record of when the cough is at it's worst - and if he finds that it is especially irritating from spring to late autumn, he could do worse than take 'Pollena', a homeopathic remedy available in pharmacies and some supermarkets. People are often unaware that hay-fever can occur from the appearance of the first leaf in spring , to the disappearance of the last in the autumn.

The mixture I have described can be dried and used throughout the winter months. In addition taking echinacea daily, or better still a herbal 'antibiotic' should ultimately bring total relief.

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