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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Geraldine, UK

I read your article about the unfortunate man who has had a cough for 13 years with interest. I'm 60 and have had the same since March this year, which I thought bad enough! I too have had various tests which show nothing. It is very debilitating and can be dangerous, I have had to pull
on to the motorway hard shoulder because of an attack and until recently could not have contemplated going to the theatre or concert - until...

I took an old fashioned remedy called Collis Browns Mixture, usually sold for mild stomach upsets (which is why I took it) and found quite a small dose will quell my cough for several hours - it's wonderful! (though haven't discussed it with my doctor yet, afraid he will tell me it doesnt go with my blood pressure pills or something!). The stuff can be bought from the dispensing section of most chemists.

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