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Monday, September 17, 2007

Josephine, UK

My husband, Derek, had a cough almost similar to the one that is described in your article. Like Nicholas Peake he had all the necessary tests to eliminate any underlining conditions causing this constant coughing.

We asked to be referred to a Consultant who examined my husband, found nothing and said it was something he would have to live with. Life became unbearable for him and for me living with him - I was concerned, sorry for him and I admit it was very wearing. At times you just wanted to put your hands over your ears.

After some time we went back to our doctor who said he would like to try some tablets Ranitidine 150 mg, twice a day. The tablets he prescribed were for Acid Reflux, even though my husband had never suffered with indigestion, heartburn or any other related ailments in his life. THE TABLETS WORKED, we were overjoyed. Yes, he coughs occasionally, but just like a normal person does.

Not ever having to take any tablets in his life, and was concerned that he would have to take these for the rest of his life, he went on to the web site of the www.coughclinic.org.uk, situated in Hull, which had been brought to our attention. He completed the questionnaire and an immediate reply was received recommending the same medication.

The Clinic also follow up your questionnaire at a later date.

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