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Sunday, September 23, 2007

DaveL comment on M.Bristow

Having read all the comments on the site and finding all of them covering my symptoms in one form or another, this was the only one that has not been suggested before, ie a metal dental plate.
I started coughing in approx 1984 and tried all the recommended medication suggested by my GP, including nasal sprays, throat sprays etc, to no avail. It eventually got so bad the spasms were making me black out, this prompted my GP to send me to a consultant. The consultant put me on Omnaprozole 10mg twice a day, and eventually in 2003 sent me for a throat examination ( Gastroscopy I think). I didn’t have a general anaesthetic for the inspection. which I afterwards regretted as it took to burly female nurses to hold me down whilst he shoved the camera down my throat. It really hurt, but I survived and went home regretting not having a general anaesthetic. Guess what, my cough was cured. I survived an emergency Abdominal Aortic Aneurism in 2004, which I almost certainly wouldn’t have done if I still had my cough.
Six months ago it came back and I’m desperately trying to get my consultant (who I see every six months) to send me for another gastroscopy, but she is sceptical that this was the cure (or the relief). So I see her again soon and will push again. She has put me on a regime of 40mg omnaprozole daily and Ranitidine 150 & Metoclopramide 10mg twice daily.

In the meant-time I will take my Cobalt plate out.

PS I find a pint of Tanglefoot beer definitely helps

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Pat said...

I, too have suffered for nearly 10 years with persistent coughing. Having had same amount of tests, medications not to mention debilitating lifestyle.
However, I have been on same medication that you have been prescribed, for over a year now. The cough stopped for a short while, but has returned as bad as ever. Although I am still taking the medication, and still coughing, I am awaiting some feedback from my GP as what to do next.

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