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Friday, September 14, 2007

Gillian, England

I thought you might like to know about a cough medicine called Bisolvon (Bissolvon), obtainable from Holland and Germany. Back in the mist of time the NHS struck it off the list of approved medicine because it was too expensive, despite it being the only medicine suitable for asthmatics. Mysteriously vets still proscribe it for horses here. Some asthmatics get a dry cough and if they can stop it, they do not get an asthma attack. Unfortunately, there are no suitable medicines in the U.K. so they try to manage with Benolyn but it just doesn't do the job.

Anyway, having successfully used this medicine on my then small daughter, I can recommend it. I wrote to the manufacturers and asked about distributing here but got a woolly answer. It was only through a vet I found out that the real reason is the cost. I have asked chemists to look up the ingredient in it but they have nothing similar here. It is very quick to Holland via Hull and the fares will be getting cheaper soon. I have been out at 20.30, arrive 0800 - drive to Germany, collect my daughter and be back in Rotterdam in the evening for the trip home so it is do-able or a short break is quite pleasant. There is a very good doctor in Wassenaar, Holland - Dr. Opundland - not the correct spelling - who speaks excellent English. Just as well, 25% of Wassenaar are foreigners. Very nice place - we lived there for 3 years.

Good luck.

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