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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Kay, UK

I had a persistent cough in the throat which went on for several years. My doctor thought it was due to dry cough asthma and I was put on inhalers. However, the cough persisted and my sister suggested it might be due to stomach acid which could cause problems in the throat. I was not aware of a particular problem with acid but did bring back acid after eating certain spicy foods etc. For 3 days I ate a bland diet and the difference was remarkable. I mentioned this to my doctor and she put me on a course of Omeprazole and my cough almost disappeared. I had tests done at the hospital and this showed acid problems. I am now on a regular low dose of Omeprazole and I have no further problems with a persistent tickly cough. If you haven't tried this I would definitely recommend it.

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NickP said...

I've taken lots of anti-reflux medicines and they've not worked, but there's no doubt they do for some people.

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